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11 Apps That Every Parent Should Know About

Edited by Kirsty Watts, Academic Dean of Technology/eLearning Not everything online is evil, nor does danger lurk behind every new app that comes to market. But keeping up with your teens’ and preteens’ online activities is much like trying to nail jelly to the barn door — frustrating, futile and something bound to make you feel… Read more »

Safe Partying and the X-Plan

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Sonia Karras for our first parent education seminar for 2017. Sonia presented an entertaining and informative talk to parents from Years 7-12 on alcohol, drugs and the law, social media safety, hosting parties at home, drink spiking and drugs. We thought it might be a good opportunity to put… Read more »

A healthy screen diet for children

Written by Sally Kenney, School Psychologist Did you know there are more screens than people in most Australian households? The mean amount of devices per household on there is internet access is 6, 7 if you have a child under 15 in your home. Recent data has found that 52% of 14-17 year olds access the web… Read more »

Coping styles in teenagers

On Thursday 9 February, Associate Professor Erica Frydenberg from the University of Melbourne’s School of Graduate Education spoke to Year 7 parents about coping and the importance of teaching adolescents the skills to cope with life’s challenges. For nearly 30 years, Erica has made a valuable contribution to the field of social emotional learning through… Read more »

Understanding your teenager

After the toddler years, parenting a teenager can be the next most challenging phase for a family. Parents can feel utter frustration at the self-centred child in front of them who seems to be consistently making poor decisions, engaging in risky behaviour and let’s not mention the hormonal mood swings.

Staying informed at Kilvington Grammar

Term 4 is the busiest term of the year (and the others have been pretty hectic) with the Year 12s preparing for the next step in their journey, graduations, orientation for new students, and transitions for current students. We know it can be hard to keep on top of all the information, but fortunately we have lots of accessible communication channels to keep you in the loop.

Navigating parenthood in the digital age

Parenting can be a challenge for many of us, but in the digital age where children access the internet and social media readily, it can be very daunting.