Gratitude Day

Kilvington’s Gratitude Day on May 26 gave students and staff an opportunity to recognise, promote and celebrate gratitude.

The school community participated in activities that allowed them to:

• learn about gratitude and how practising gratitude can benefit you and those around you
• think about why gratitude is such an important virtue
• think about the people you are grateful to and let them know why you are grateful to them.


These included a gratitude leaf activity, guest speakers, dance and meditation, staff morning tea, Origami filled with gratitude messages in Japanese and gratitude French flags.

Our innovative and creative teachers embraced the concept and linked gratitude to their curriculum throughout the day.

• Junior Art – each child made a small artwork from their own thumbprint and answered the question “I am grateful that I…”.
• Y7 Math – students focused on being grateful for the use of (and invention of) calculators.
• English – students did a class poetry slam and wrote a letter of gratitude from a character in the book that they were studying.
• PE and Health – students were restricted with their movement with the use of blindfolds, arm slings, and wheelchairs to demonstrate why they should be grateful for our bodies, health and ability to move.
• Ethics in Leadership committee ran the sausage sizzle on the day raising funds for Beyond Blue.
• History – students expressed their gratitude for recorded history, the importance of memory and records, grateful for our history and ability to listen to it from our parents/grandparents’ points of view.
• Geography – students were grateful for the abundance of fresh water.
• Commerce – students were grateful that companies are audited to ensure that money is used ethically.

There are amazing gratitude trees displayed in the Junior and Senior Schools.

Students were able to show their gratitude to someone special by purchasing Gratitude lolly packs – a very successful initiative led by our student leaders, Emily Brooks and Stephanie Talbot.

A total amount of $1152.75  was raised from the sausage sizzle and Gratitude lolly packs which was donated to Beyond Blue.  As a School community we are grateful for the work Beyond Blue do for mental health.

We thank our Director of Character Education, Martine Walls, for driving such a wonderful initiative and can’t wait for Gratitude Day 2017.