Below you will find our Enrolment Procedure, Tuition Fees and Business Regulations, Enrolment Policy, Privacy Policy and Prospectus.

Please contact our Director of Admissions if you have any enquiries, or if you’d like to organise a School Tour.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kilvington Grammar.

Ms Liz Chegwin, Director of Admissions
Phone 03 9578 6231

Our Enrolment Procedure

An Application for Enrolment form needs to be completed and returned to the Director of Admissions together with a copy of the child’s birth certificate and a non-refundable Application Fee. School reports and any relevant academic, developmental and medical assessments should also be included with the application.

To assist in processing your application as quickly as possible, please scan your completed application and forward to

Application for Enrolment Form Download
  • Upon receiving the completed Application for Enrolment form the School places the child on the waitlist for entry into the year and level requested.
  • The School contacts families according to its entry preference criteria to attend an interview.
  • The child attends an interview, generally with the Principal and Director of Admissions and/or Head of School. The purpose of the interview is to identify the child’s interests and strengths and any areas where extra challenge, support or adjustment may be required, to assist in the appropriate placement of the child.
  • If the School requires additional information about a child, the family should assist or authorise the School to obtain such information. There may then be a need for further discussions between the School and the family.
  • An offer of enrolment may be made, in which case a formal letter will be sent to the family, together with a Confirmation of Enrolment for completion.
  • The family returns the Confirmation of Enrolment documentation together with the Enrolment Fee. The Enrolment fee is due when a place is formally accepted for each child entering the School.
  • The School confirms a place for the child.

Tuition Fees and Business Regulations

Please refer to the School’s Tuition Fees and Business Regulations for Application & Enrolment fee charges, as well as the School’s policy on fees, charges and payment of accounts.

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Tuition Fees and Business Regulations Download
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