House System

At Kilvington, students are organised into four House groups: Barrett (red); Burman (yellow); Fethers (blue) and Fysh (green).

Junior School

Students enjoy a range of ‘House’ activities, including; Inter-house cross-country, athletics and swimming events, fostering team membership and a sense of community within their house.

Senior School

For Years 7–9 and Years 10–12, the system is divided into Tutor Groups with three areas of assistance within it: the Tutor, the House Dean and the Head of Senior School, supported by the Counsellor/Chaplain, Year 9 and VCE Coordinators, Learning Support teachers and International Student Coordinator.

A greater sense of House identity develops, whereby older students look out for younger ones, underpinning the ‘family concept’ and developing a community culture. Younger students can see what lies ahead in later year levels and be mentored while at the same time making more friends in other year groups.