Kilvington’s educational philosophy & values

Central to the Kilvington educational philosophy is the uniqueness of each student within the school community.

We recognise that every person has special talents and different ways of learning. A variety of learning and teaching styles consequently allow for multiple perspectives, so that all students can experience success and feel valued.

At all times, students are strongly encouraged and supported to pursue the academic and personal excellence of which they are capable, and while academic achievement is a key priority at Kilvington, it is within the context of each student’s overall experience at school. We challenge them to question, reflect, search for answers, apply skills and strive to achieve their best at every age.

Also underpinning our educational philosophy, is a Growth Mindset approach to learning. Children who believe that their intelligence, skill or talent can be developed are far more motivated to learn. Confident children embrace challenges, persist when facing difficulties and learn from feedback which lead to higher levels of achievement and personal empowerment.

Kilvington Values

Our School community is bound together by the following shared values:

Pursuit of excellence

Excellence is about striving for the goals of which we are capable given our strengths, talents and abilities. Pursuing excellence brings out people’s best, and consequently provides a deeper level of personal satisfaction. Placing trust in our own capacity for distinction enables us to lay solid foundations for future success.

The pursuit of building character

Those with strength of character are well rounded individuals confident in their principles and beliefs, yet open and accepting of others’. Kilvington students learn the skills necessary to help them flourish in life, and to graduate ready and able to make a genuine difference to their community and world around them.

Engagement with learning

A respect for knowledge is a core component of a successful and enriching life. Nourishing each person’s impulse to learn is the first step toward instilling a passion for discovery. Becoming fully engaged with each task is an essential part of effective learning. Kilvington’s vibrant, diverse and innovative learning environment kindles this vital spirit of intellectual engagement within every student.

Family and community

Kilvington has always been a family-based school, and fosters a close-knit community. In an increasingly complex world, maintaining ties to one’s family and community is more important than ever. By strengthening our relationships with other people, we also reinforce our identity as part of a much larger whole.

Celebrating and respecting difference

In our diverse, open and cosmopolitan society, we will frequently come into contact with those who hold views and beliefs that are very different from our own. Wherever possible, it is our responsibility not to judge others, but instead seek to understand, appreciate and respect their different beliefs. Opening and maintaining a meaningful dialogue with people of different views to our own, based on the idea that each person is of infinite value and intrinsic worth, is a crucial part of being human.

Independence and self-reliance

With knowledge comes freedom, and this privilege can lead to a renewed sense of purpose. Our most meaningful discoveries and learning experiences can be liberating. At Kilvington, we strongly believe in the importance of developing self-reliance, and seek to achieve this aim by nurturing each person’s innate sense of independence.

Diligence and persistence

A quality education provides people with many crucial advantages, including the ability to make decisions, to form meaningful and achievable goals, and to persist until these have been realised. While it is always important to discover new ways of learning and understanding, it is equally important to acknowledge the central place of hard work in lifelong success.

Resourcefulness and critical thinking

Kilvington’s educational vision goes a long way towards instructing students in the basic skills of thought, expression and practical application, which lay the foundations for the successful integration of mind, body and soul. Mastering these abilities is an essential step in students’ exciting journey towards fully expressing their creative instincts, critical thinking and constructively expanding their love of knowledge.

Optimism and foresight

Every person is filled with possibilities, promise, and potential, as well as unique talents. At all times, we develop our capabilities to make our present and future lives as full of possibility as they can be. By progressively gaining experience across a wide variety of situations, students gain the confidence to stride assertively into a bright future.

Compassion and generosity

Treating others with kindness and being generous is the central idea on which Kilvington’s motto – ‘Not for our own, but others’ good’ – is based. The spirit of sharing and cooperation is central to life at our School. Our innate sense of compassion and generosity is expressed every day in the desire to care for others, both within Kilvington and outside our School’s boundaries.

Global citizenship

The communications revolution has made our world into a deeply interconnected place, with different peoples and cultures in continuous interaction with one another. To live successfully in this modern world is to be an aware and engaged citizen of global society, willing and able to engage with the wider issues and appreciate the richness of life.