School Leadership

The Board

Made up of teachers, ex-teachers, business representatives and local community members, the role of Kilvington’s Board is to ensure that the School retains a secure financial footing, as well as continuing to grow and positively expand. All decisions affecting Kilvington’s future welfare are discussed by the Board before their implementation. The Board members are dedicated to ensuring Kilvington’s future academic and financial success.

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The Executive

The Executive is responsible for implementing the strategies devised by the Board. Kilvington’s Executive therefore ensures that all organisational changes are introduced in the smoothest and most effective manner possible.

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Strategic Plan 2016-2020

The Kilvington Board, in consultation with key stakeholders, has developed a Strategic Plan for 2016–2020. This plan identifies five areas of development, which are listed under the heading of ’Perspectives‘. Six main goals and a number of sub-goals for the next four years have been identified. Strategies and projects have been developed to facilitate the achievement of these goals, with KPIs/measures and 2- and 5-year targets put in place.

The School’s Mission Statement and the overview of the main goals for 2016 are set out below.

Mission Statement:

To inspire students to strive for academic excellence, and to nurture their aspirations in a caring, family-oriented community to become people of depth, strength, integrity and character.

Perspectives Goals
1. Staff To attract, develop and retain quality staff and further improve the training of existing staff.
2. Students To help students achieve the academic excellence of which they are capable, and to assist their development  into young people of character.
3. The Kilvington   Community To become a family-oriented, engaged and ambassadorial community.
4. Educational Program To provide a creative and innovative teaching and learning environment which fosters academic excellence.
5. Financial Strength To strengthen the School’s financial base and to build new facilities.

The strategic plan is supported by three sub-School plans. In addition, each staff member, in consultation with his or her line manager, develops professional goals with challenging targets in line with the whole School goals.

The benchmarks to be achieved during the year form part of regular staff professional reviews.