Performing Arts


Developing students’ musical ability and appreciation is one of our School’s most important tasks. Music has been shown to have significant benefits for students’ academic studies by developing concentration, comprehension and dexterity. Studying a musical instrument has also been shown to assist children’s cognitive abilities.


Kilvington offers expert private music tuition for a diverse range of instruments, with the convenience of an in-school location. Many of our expert teaching staff have professional performance careers and offer excellent mentoring to upcoming students. We offer a comprehensive music program from ELC – VCE with lessons scheduled to have a minimal impact on academic learning.  Students are encouraged to enrol in AMEB and Trinity external examinations, providing genuine goals to strive for as well as

The list of instruments offered at Kilvington are: Piano (traditional/Suzuki), Guitar (acoustic/electric), Trombone, Trumpet, French Horn, Drums/Percussion, Clarinet, Flute, Recorder (Junior School music class only), Saxophone, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Viola, Voice and Music Theory.

Kilvington’s Orchestras and Bands

By joining one of the School’s many bands or ensembles, students are able to participate with others of similar interests, build on their communication skills, and work productively together as part of a team. Our School has many musical groups across various genres, including: Orchestra, String Orchestra, Madrigals, Choirs, Stage Band, Clarinet Ensemble,Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble and String Quartets.



The Choristers are distinguished by their ambitious musical selection, soaring voices, and exquisite harmonies. Drawing on a wide range of sacred and secular music, the group’s renowned performances have won them high praise from many music critics and judges around Victoria. The Choristers have done extremely well in several competitions, including regularly winning the Royal South Street Eisteddfod.

Members of the group have toured nationally and internationally. The Choristers travelled to Europe in 2014 to perform in a number of iconic venues, including at the ANZAC ceremony at Villers-Bretonneaux in France.


House Arts


Kilvington’s House Arts event is organised and run solely by students. The event features students from Senior Year levels, enabling them to build rapport with other students.

Because all the work is left up to the students, they are able to build valuable independence and organisation skills. The broad nature of the House Arts event provides students with a variety of tasks to try.

Some of the areas of expertise include scriptwriting, music performance and composition, and technical aspects of the performance (lighting, slideshows, multimedia, PowerPoint presentations, etc). The House Arts performances are evaluated and useful feedback is provided to all competitors.

ELC and Junior School Productions

Kilvington’s productions are well recognised for the quality of the performances, costumes, sets and professionalism. The ELC and Junior School regularly perform for the School community and these events are eagerly anticipated.

Senior School Productions

Kilvington’s spectacular Senior School productions have always been a highlight of the School calendar. Each year the Performing Arts Department never fails to amaze with the quality of the shows the students deliver.