Junior School

Sebastian Earle, Head of Junior School.

Kilvington’s Junior School is a place of rich and exciting learning experiences where children are respected and valued.

Each student is viewed as naturally inquisitive, with enormous potential. We encourage enthusiasm, creativity, persistence and collaboration amongst our students and celebrate individual differences. Our inviting classrooms ensure students feel connected, valued, engaged and challenged at all times.

Our student’s needs, abilities and interests are placed at the centre of the curriculum, and differentiated programs are designed to ensure all children reach their academic, physical, social and emotional potential. We encourage our students to share their learning successes and discoveries with others and place importance on building strong home-school partnerships.

The Curriculum subjects change throughout Junior School.

In lower primary the students study a range of subjects including: Mathematics, English, History, Geography, Science, French, Religious Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Social and Emotional Learning and Digital Technology.

In upper primary Performing Arts is broken down into choir, music and drama. They also participate in Sport.

We also offer Mathematics and English Enrichment classes for eligible students.

A range of academic subjects are available in our co-curricular program including Chess, Mindfulness, Coding and Design Time.