The Power of 9 – Discover who you can be

The Year 9 program comprises of an authentic, engaging curriculum that is linked to students’ lives outside as well as inside the classroom.

The core components – Explore, Focus, Strength and Challenge– combine best practice and current research with Kilvington’s vision of inspired learning within a holistic framework. The School’s Year 9 Program offers students the best of both worlds, enabling them to participate in valuable experiences outside the School while remaining within Kilvington’s community.

Year 9 ‘Be Your Best Self’ Character Conference 2016

During the first week of Term 4 Year 9 students participated in a week of talks and activities designed to encourage them to be their ‘best selves’. Students listened to a range of speakers including former Olympian Phil Burrows who talked about grit, resilience and resourcefulness. To encourage the students to learn about empathy they undertook a challenge to create a prosthetic hand and learned how to manoeuvre a wheelchair.


City Camp

During the first week of Term 2 and Term 4, Year 9 students stay in the city for their ‘Urban Experience’ City Camp. Throughout the week, the students participate in a variety of activities, both physical and mental. To enhance and illustrate the unique multicultural nature of Melbourne, a different cuisine is selected each night. The State Library and surrounding areas are used for their ‘Focus Topics Projects’, which include documentaries, and websites based on either homelessness, sports and culture, architecture and heritage and street and public art.


Year 9 Curriculum Handbook
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