Flagship Programs

Kilvington Grammar School is renowned for leading the way in curriculum and co-curricular areas through Flagship Programs. These ‘Flagships’ have an emphasis on best practice and partnerships between our School and the community. We pride ourselves on our achievements in these areas on a local, state and national level and are constantly looking for new ways to excel in them.

The Flagship Programs not only provide us with a high profile in education, but also offer our students the unique opportunity to shine on the bigger stage. Furthermore, the size of our School allows your child to participate in many programs.


Writing well and in the correct style is a vital skill in education and life, and practice in this area is needed regularly. Our Junior and Senior School students are engaged in workshops run by experienced authors, attend writing festivals and events, visit exhibitions to stimulate creative writing; as well as experience how cross-curricular activities such as sport, maths and science can stimulate creative writing.

Each year we run The Kilvington Writer’s Festival, which runs in tandem with the Melbourne Writers Festival. Students are able to access authors, events and ideas to inform their own writing.

2015 Kilvington Writers FestivalWriting_web

Winning students with media personality,
author and journalist, Angela Pippos.

Global Connections Through Writing

At Kilvington, we have partnerships with schools in Indonesia, Japan and China. Our students connect with their international peers through a variety of platforms including a Blog established by Year 8 students titled, ‘Looking through a window I see…’. This joint curriculum project allows Year 8 students from Kilvington and Global Jaya International School, Jakarta, to post and share thoughtful, colourful and often poignant observations of their surrounding environment.


We encourage our students to participate in a range of competitions including the ICAS English Competition, Write Across Australia, Somerset Celebration of Literature and the Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Competition.


A robotics engineering thread runs through Kilvington’s Science curriculum. Students use LEGO Mindstorms to design, program and control fully functional robotic models. They use software to plan, test and modify sequences of instructions for a variety of lifelike robotic behaviours, and collect and analyse data from sensors using data-logging software.

Kilvington consistently achieves exceptional success in Robotic competitions at state and national level. A Robotics Club has been established to help mentor students and to encourage and prepare them for competitions during the School year.

Performing Arts (Music)

Kilvington’s Music Program is conducted in the spirit of catering for the ‘whole child’. Your child can choose from a wide range of options, in order to find the program that best suits their needs and interests. They have the opportunity to participate in a range of Performing Arts programs including award winning choirs, bands, pop groups, soirees, School productions, the Annual School Concert and Celebration Night.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in eisteddfods, festivals and overseas tours.

For more information on Music at Kilvington visit our Performing Arts page.


Kilvington has long a history of being at the forefront where technology is concerned. We were one of the first laptop schools in Australia, was a Beta-testing site for the ‘Schools Net’ program, which was dedicated to successfully integrating the internet into schools, and was Australia’s first wireless school.

As part of our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, your child will enjoy a high level of exposure to different forms of technology from Prep through to Year 12 including iPads, Tablets, and Windows and Mac-based devices. We offer Year 9 Game Programming, Year 9 Animation and Multimedia, and VCE Unit 1 and 2 IT.

We continue to maintain our progressive reputation when it comes to technology with the introduction of 3D printing into the curriculum to further enhance learning. Students from Years 6 – 9 are incorporating the printers into projects such as designing and producing playgrounds, creating characters for use in stop-motion films and ebooks and building robots. The next step will be 4D printers!

The School encourages participation among students in Years 5–10 in the ICAS Computer Competition.



The Age

For more information on Technology at Kilvington, click here.


“Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” John C Maxwell.

At Kilvington, all our staff are responsible for pastoral care, as it is embedded in the academic, co-curricular and tutor programs, rather than a separate area handled by one person.

Good Pastoral Care helps to create an environment where each individual child in the school community is known and cared for. Our aim is to provide the best possible all-round education so that your child will achieve to the best of their ability and will be prepared to take a meaningful place in and contribute in a positive way to society.

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For more information on how we care at Kilvington, visit our Student Wellbeing page.