Technology at Kilvington

Kilvington has long a history of being at the forefront where technology is concerned. It was one of the first laptop schools in Australia, was a Beta-testing site for the ‘Schools Net’ program, which was dedicated to successfully integrating the internet into schools, and was Australia’s first wireless school.

As part of our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, your child will enjoy a high level of exposure to different forms of technology from Prep through to Year 12 including iPads, Tablets, and Windows and Mac-based devices. IT classes are provided to all students in Prep through to Year 8 with electives available such as Year 9 Game Programming, Year 9 Animation and Multimedia, and VCE IT subjects (Computing Unit 1 and 2 and Informatics Unit 3 and 4).

We continue to maintain our progressive reputation when it comes to technology with the introduction of 3D printing into the curriculum to further enhance learning. Students from Years 5 – 9 are incorporating the printers into projects such as designing and producing playgrounds, creating characters for use in stop-motion films and ebooks and building robots. The implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum has added Coding to the curriculum with various levels of difficulty starting at Prep. We also offered coding to be taken further with co-curricular activities available.

The School encourages participation among students from various year levels in the ICAS Digital Technologies Competition, Computational Thinking Challenges and Tech Girls are Superheroes as well as other competitions within the technology field.

Arranging Technology Requirements for Your Child

The approved school supplier is DataCom and information can be found here.

To log onto the DataCom online store, please use the following;


ACCESS KEY: kilvington
PIN: kilvington

To secure the pricing listed online, orders need to be placed by 11th November, 2016. Orders processed by this date will be delivered to the school during the week of 9th December, 2016. Orders made after this date will not be a part of the School’s bulk order and may attract a different price.

Please read Kilvington’s BYOD Information Pack to enable you to access the BYOD Portal and order your child’s technology requirements. Log in details will be required which is outlined on page 5 of the Information Pack.

BYOD Information Pack Download