Opening of the new Middle School Centre

On 17 October, Kilvington’s new Middle School Centre of Excellence was officially opened by The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP, Member for Goldstein, in the presence of our Year 9 students, staff, Board members, local government representatives, and members of the School community.

R Harding R MunnolatithPeter Yu Lauren Rowley A Robb D Barlett A Robb H BahnA Robb J Kulkarni J Charlton

It was a very special occasion shared by a very proud Kilvington community. Guests were treated to a blessing from our very own Rev. Janet Costello, reflections from Year 9 students Hannah Bahn and Damian Bartlett, and a stunning rendition of Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire sung by Rohan Munnolimith, and accompanied by Ryan Harding and Vincent Nguyen. Peter Yu and Lauren Rowley assisted Minister Robb with the formal unveiling of a plaque to mark the official opening of the new Centre.

“We are all delighted with this new building, our first in 10 years, which boasts four new classrooms, a quiet room, an open collaborative learning and meeting space, two staff offices, a lift, and downstairs three renovated classrooms and staff lounge, and an additional new staff office,” said Principal, Jon Charlton.

“We are highly conscious of investing parents’ money wisely, so to build all this for $2.2m represents exceptional value.  We all ought to be delighted with these new facilities which will lead to further beneficial educational outcomes for Kilvington students.

The middle years of schooling are all about engagement – students being engaged in relevant and meaningful work, assisted by opportunities for discussion, collaboration, teamwork, and experiential activities.

“As a school we value connection and community, both words being identified back in 2011 as the key words to drive our Master Plan.  Whenever possible we want to build facilities that encourage connectedness and the fostering of relationships between staff, students and the School community.  This facility does just that,” said Jon Charlton.

In the evening an event was held to thank our generous donors at which the unveiling of an Honour Board occurred. Both the Honour Board and Plaque are installed in the new Middle School Centre of Excellence.


“The Middle School centre is something that was instantly embraced by the Year nine students. The idea of getting an entire building mainly to ourselves … well, needless to say we felt pretty special.” Damian Bartlett, Year 9.

“I can tell you when we eventually moved in, our expectations were nothing compared to what actually stood in front of us. Immediately we were wowed by its pure grandeur and the more we explored the new Centre the more it impressed us. Now after having a few weeks of lessons in it we can see how much it really will help us learn the values included in our Year 9 program.” Hannah Bahn, Year 9

“….it is excellent, and will enhance connectedness, community and in turn the learning outcomes of our students, which are all central to our educational philosophy and values.” Jon Charlton, Principal