Congratulations to Glen Eira Student Achievement Awards Recipients

Congratulation to the following worthy Kilvington students for their outstanding achievements in 2014:

Name: Luke Socic, Year 7
Area(s) student has excelled: Sport and Recreation

Luke has been heavily involved in Interschool Sports (EISM) Teams, participating in Athletics, Hockey and Football. He was also a handy contributor during House Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. Luke’s out-of-school achievements are outstanding and his determination to succeed is a great example for others. Luke has been selected to represent Australia in the 12-year-old World Series of Baseball.This is an incredible honour. The team is selected from the best baseballers of his age from across the country. Only two Victorians were selected in the team.

Name: Jade Redman, Year 8
Area(s) student has excelled? Academia, Arts and Culture, Community Service

Jade is a committed student who works hard to achieve very good results in all that she is involved in at school both academically and co-curricular. Jade’s positive approach and determination to succeed makes her a role model for other students. Some achievements include roles in House Arts and the School production and a part in an external theatre company play. Jade is an enthusiastic contributor to the life of the School and willingly helps her peers.

Name: Ryan Harding, Year 9
Area(s) student has excelled: Academia, Community Service, Education, Environment, Science and Innovation, Sport and Recreation

Ryan consistently applies himself to his schoolwork which is highlighted by the sound results he achieves. He is a strong team member and contributes to all school activities in a mature, inclusive and reliable way. Ryan is a wonderful all-rounder, displaying talents in sporting, musical, leadership, community service and citizenship. Ryan has represented the School in various sporting teams, played the piano in various performances and displays admirable leadership qualities in his role as Year 9 House Leader. He is well respected amongst his peers, a key quality of an excellent role model.

Name: Bridie English, Year 10
Area(s) student has excelled: Community Service, Sport and Recreation

Bridie is a mature student who has achieved good results academically. She is a role model to her peers displaying initiative, politeness and a desire to help. Bridie can always be relied upon to assist staff and students. A talented sportswoman, Bridie is involved in School and external sporting teams at representative level and demonstrates not only great skill and determination, but a wonderful sense of fair play and sportsmanship.

Name: Eleanor Cook, Year 11
Area(s) student has excelled: Academia, Arts and Culture Education, Environment, Science and Innovation

Eleanor’s dedicated and mature approach to her studies is evident in her consistently high results across all subjects. She was, this year, invited to join the Monash Scholars Program. Eleanor contributes widely in all facets of school life and in this regard is a role model for other students. She has been involved in Robotics, Music and Sport, among other activities, and performs all roles to the best of her ability every time.

Name: Emma Casey, Year 12
Area(s) student has excelled Academia, Arts and Culture, Community Service, Education

As a leader and role model, Emma sets an excellent example in her behaviour, attitude and dedication. She is a considerate and thoughtful student who enthusiastically contributes to school life. As School Captain she inspires other students to achieve their best through her enthusiastic, inclusive and kind-hearted approach. Academically, Emma is a hard working student, consistent and organised in her approach to her studies resulting in a high standard being maintained. Emma involves herself wholeheartedly in the co-curricular life of the School with representation in musical, social service and community pursuits.