World Fair & Open Day: What it means to us!

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the year (so far) for our school community. Hours and hours of hard work and effort have gone in to make the day as special as possible.

We thought we’d ask some of our school leaders what the World Fair means to them!

Jon Charlton, Principal

“To me the World Fair is about celebrating our unity of values amidst our diversity of culture. I want children and families to have fun together, and experience the warmth, friendliness and respect that emanate from our community. I hope we will all proudly proclaim the very significant benefits of a Kilvington education in marvellously multicultural Melbourne.”

Lucie Dickens, Academic Dean of Languages

The countdown has definitely started and the Languages Faculty is thrilled about being involved in the World fair. As soon as we found out last year that such a wonderful event was going to take place, we made sure we planned our curriculum accordingly. Learning languages is as much about developing intercultural understanding, tolerance, compassion, appreciation of different value systems and customs as it is about acquiring communicative skills. The Kilvington World Fair is a celebration of cultural diversity, and the harmony that exists within our community. My hopes are that people will feel connected, better informed and proud of being part of such a diverse community at Kilvington.”

Kirsten Brooks, President of the PFA

We have invited all our families to come together and celebrate the diversity that makes us modern Australians.  The enthusiasm, conversations and excitement this has generated has been overwhelming and immensely rewarding.  I can’t wait to set out under The Pavilion and roam The Green this Saturday.  You won’t be able to wipe the smile from my face.”


Elizabeth Yu, School Language Co-Captain

Australia has a very diverse and multicultural society. Events such as the World Fair takes this one step further and brings all the cultures together under one roof, like one big family. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about and experience the many cultures that make up Kilvington’s community. Events such as this will also encourage acceptance, melting any cultural barriers that may be holding us back and bring people together. I believe at the end of the World Fair, everyone would have found something valuable to take away from this fantastic experience.”

Charan Naidoo, School Language Co-Captain

The World Fair is a fantastic opportunity to bring cultures together, and  to display the incredible diversity that we have at Kilvington. At a time when many cultures in our world are becoming more disconnected, due to a lack of mutual understanding, it is important to hold events such as the World Fair, to unite cultures in common fellowship.”

The World Fair and Open Day takes place on Saturday 21st March from 10-3pm. We look forward to seeing you then!