Why is it important to teach Performing Arts?

With the Senior School gearing up for their production of The Wiz, we thought it was important to share why as a school we value these opportunities for students, and why we should support and encourage children to get up on a stage.

Confidence is key
Whether it’s meeting new people, attending a job interview or even speaking at a family wedding, feeling confident on the inside shows everyone that you are in control of your situation, instantly putting them at ease.

This can be advantageous when situations don’t go according to plan. Appearing in control is reassuring for those around you, whether it’s colleagues or team mates.

Presentation skills
Presenting isn’t always about appearing on stage in front of a large audience. Think of all the times we are called upon to present our ideas at meetings, or show a client an aspect of your business, or even conduct a school tour! Good presentation skills are essential for interviews too.

The ability to adapt
In adjusting to an audience and their peers, performers are challenged to think fast, adapting their knowledge and experience to suit. Life often throws us curve balls and a project or plan can change rapidly. Being adaptable can help in difficult circumstances.

At Kilvington we believe transferable skills, personal growth and learning to work as a team are all important benefits of participating in musical or theatrical performance.


Tickets for The Wiz are available here.