Meet the lead performers of The Wiz

The Senior School production of The Wiz opens tomorrow night, so we went behind the scenes to interview the lead players to learn more about these talented students.


How many school productions have you participated in?

Dominique Duce (DD) AKA Lion – This is my fourth production at Kilvington.

Rachel Tesema (RT) AKA Scarecrow – This will be my fifth production.

Ebony McMaster (EM)  AKA The Tin Man – Five including this one (does hair and makeup count?)

Do you act/sing/dance outside school?

DD – I used to sing, but not now.

RT –  No.

EM- Yes, I am in the Young Voices of Melbourne choir.

What do you enjoy most about taking part in school productions?

DD – I love the performance nights. The feeling of being on stage is why I do production.

RT – I enjoy the adrenaline on performance nights.  I know all the hard work has paid off so I can just enjoy performing.

EM- The rush I get while performing, its awesome!

What’s your favourite musical?

DD – My favourite musical would have to be either Strictly Ballroom The Musical,  or Hairspray.

RT – The Lion King !!!

EM- The Wiz!