The Melbourne Press Club and Kilvington Grammar School

For several years now, Kilvington Grammar School has been a proud sponsor of the Melbourne Press Club and students are regularly invited to attend events by Principal Jon Charlton.

So what is the Melbourne Press Club and why is Kilvington so closely involved?

About the Press Club

The Melbourne Press Club has been a key part of the city’s media community for 40 years.
It is a forum where journalists and those in related industries can hear from the country’s most senior politicians, business leaders and other newsmakers, and liaise on issues like professional development and media freedom.

Why is Kilvington involved?

Jon Charlton explains “The Melbourne Press Club provides students with unprecedented access to some of the leading political, scientific and literary minds of our time. Attending these events is an enriching experience and allows students to gain a broader understanding of our society and some of the issues they may face in the future. There is always an opportunity for a Kilvington student to ask a question of the speaker, which is very exciting for them.”
Past speakers have included Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Llama and recently students heard from State Premier Daniel Andrews.

More photographs of Kilvington students at the Melbourne Press Club can be found here.