10 Things That Make A Good Teacher

We all have our own memories of special teachers during our own time at school. Someone who inspired us, or motivated us to push ourselves further, or simply believed in us.

At Kilvington our teachers don’t just focus on working through the curriculum, instead they understand that knowing their students and building strong relationships with them fosters a positive learning environment.

Our teachers are committed to:

  • understanding each students goals
  • recognising how student learn by themselves, with others and with adults
  • respecting what students bring from their home and culture
  • simulating interests and curiosity, imagination and creativity
  • providing opportunities for collaboration and team work
  • having high expectations for learning
  • challenging and supporting students to generate questions, develop ideas and solve problems
  • acknowledge the efforts of students to improve their work
  • recognising students progress holistically
  • celebrating success



Do you have any stories of how your teachers inspired you?