What are you grateful for?

Tomorrow is our inaugural Gratitude Day, so we thought we’d ask members of the school community to share things they are grateful for:


Jane Viner, Head of Library, assisting Year 2 students to select a book for Premier's Reading Challenge


I am grateful for my wonderful family and friends that support and encourage me to be a better person each day.” Jane Viner, Head of Library & Resources Services



Leanne Clinch


I am so very grateful to be part of the Kilvington School Community as it gives me strength and fills me with pride. It’s people, colleagues and families, are so appreciative and respectful which makes me want to do the best I can for them. Gratitude is infectious.” Leanne Clinch, ELC


Steve Bustin2

I’m grateful for my health and the fact that I can walk, run (most of the time) and ride my bike, and generally keep healthy.” Steve Bustin, Head of PE and Health



Kirsty Watts2


I am grateful for the amazing people in the world coming up with new technology that I can use everyday.” Kirsty Watts, Dean of Technology



I am profoundly grateful that I am physically healthy that I have energy, that I can walk, run, play netball, ride a bicycle, and function at a high level. I love that my job allows me to help students be more active, while having fun. My weekends are filled with family fitness activities and social gatherings. I am very thankful that I am healthy.”

Martine Walls, Character Initiative Program Director



Nathalie Brown

I am grateful for having the chance to work with a highly supportive team and to be able to practise three languages on a daily basis.” Nathalie Brown, Languages


Teresa Deshon

“I am grateful for my four children (ranging in ages from 18 to 10 year old twin boys). Everyday is challenging, busy, frustrating and full of laughter. They ensure that I am able to maintain perspective about what truly is important and this translates to my work as an educator. My kids envelop me in love, provide me with strength when I need it and a good telling off if they feel I am being a drama queen or Deputy Principal at home! I could never have imagined I would be privileged enough to have these awesome people in my life and I thank my lucky stars for the loves of my life Quinn, Reese, Luke and Ky.”

Teresa Deshon, Vice Principal