Practising Resilience

Last year, Kilvington welcomed Hugh van Cuylenburg from The Resilience Project  to come and share the project’s philosophy of Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness . Hugh’s presentation had a great impact on staff and students alike, and this year our Junior and Senior School student planners each feature components from the Resilience Project journals, including wellbeing trackers and pages for daily reflections. These have been very well received – here are some comments from students in 6H:

I like the new planner because it’s like a friend to listen to what has happened. I feel like it’s a good thing to remind you why being positive is a good thing and that your emotions matter because they affect others – Joy Z

I think the resilience project in your diary is a good way to relieve stress after school and help you relax – Liam M.

It helps me think about all the good things that happened in my day and to keep track of my sleeping and if I’m having enough sleep at night – Abbey M.

The Resilience Project diary is very helpful with the meditation and getting me back into the moment – Ethan P.


Many staff have also incorporated The Resilience Project into their lives. We caught up with a few of them and they have kindly shared their experiences with us.


Melissa Bibby – Health & Sport Teacher

I ordered The Resilience Project journal after seeing the presentation last year. It was difficult to start the diary, as the first step was a challenging and personal entry about the person who has had the biggest influence on my life so far, and it was to be shared with the person I wrote about! After looking at the blank page for a week or more, I finally started, and have benefited from the daily mindfulness directed by the journal since that time … Highly recommend!

Kylie Burns – Health & Sport Teacher

By using The Resilience Project journal, I have been able to articulate what or who I am grateful for, outline what I am looking forward to and clearly reflect on positive parts of my day. It has also been great to track my levels of physical activity and  sleep which I know have a huge impact on my overall sense of health and wellbeing. Whether I am using The Resilience Project app or the physical journal, I am able to stay on top of my gratitude, empathy and mindfulness regardless of where I am.

Bree Moore – Learning Support Assistant

I find by completing the journal I am more likely to reflect and see the good things in life rather than complaining about the negative things. I also enjoy the day that the journal asks you to reflect on the people in my life who I am grateful for. We are asked to share our feelings with the person you write about. It is nice to brighten someone else’s day and to show kindness.

Martine Walls

I have been using The Resilience Project app since it was launched at the end of 2017.  Life is extremely busy and since doing the daily journal, I realised whilst I felt happy, I was very much living in the future. The journal and, in particular, the mindfulness practice has taught me to stop and slow down, recognise what’s happening now, and take notice and be grateful of the simple things in life.

Caroline Childerley – Digital Communications Coordinator

I suffer from anxiety and after a busy day my mind can race a bit with everything I’ve done, haven’t done, or need to do. Completing my Resilience Project journal every night before I go to bed refocuses my mind and helps a create positive mindset before I go to sleep. Since I started in November, I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my well-being.

Lauren Wade – VCE English Teacher

Keeping the gratitude journal reminds me to consciously reflect on my day and to notice all the great things that happened.

You can order your own Resilience Project Journal here or sign up for the app here (only available on iTunes)