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Staying calm during exams

You’ve been working hard  – taking everything in; creating diagrams, flow charts and mind maps; colour-coding your notes; making cue cards. You know your stuff. But once you’re in the room, something changes. Suddenly, the space where all of that knowledge used to be seems to be empty. ‘Think!’ you shout at your brain; heart… Read more »

Supporting student and family wellbeing 

By Monique Alexander, School Psychologist:  Kilvington teachers have been working with Professor Lea Waters this year in strengthening student wellbeing practices through a Visible Wellbeing approach. Visible Wellbeing aims to build staff and student awareness of how our thoughts and feelings influence everything from the quality of our sleep to the quality of our relationships,… Read more »

Helping children focus during home schooling

By Sally Kenney, School Psychologist:   “The often-used phrase ‘pay attention’ is apt: you dispose of a limited budget of attention that you can allocate to activities, and if you try to go beyond your budget, you will fail.” Daniel Kahneman The ability to focus on a task is not just about exercising self-control: it is… Read more »

A Year 12 perspective on lock down

By Luke Kiosoglous, Year 12:    It’s 8.00am! I can still sleep in a little longer. Beats waking up at 7.00am. I don’t even walk to School anymore; School comes to me. The future is now, I guess. I am still having the same toast for breakfast as I have for years, but now I… Read more »

Emotional coping strategies for COVID times

By Sally Kenney, Kilvington Grammar School Psychologist:   Here we go again! At the end of last term, many of us had made plans for the break. After two short weeks, however, fears had been realised …. it was back into lockdown. Just when we hoped it was safe to venture out; to see friends, go… Read more »

Mentoring in a remote learning environment

By Matt Brinson, Head of Senior School: Kilvington has a wonderful reputation as a school providing quality care for all students and our pastoral care system ensures students are personally connected and individually known. The shift to a new Mentoring and Pastoral Care System in 2020 saw every student in Senior School continue to be… Read more »

Caring for Kids in an Online World

Across the world every minute there are 41 million messages sent on Facebook, 347,444 people scrolling Instagram, 18 million text messages sent, 2.1 million snaps on Snapchat and 1.4 million Tinder swipes. And at any given moment there are about 750,000 predators trawling the internet – online stalkers who befriend children now hang out on… Read more »