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How to prepare for your exams

Anxiety relating to exams and tests can often mean that information that you would ordinarily know suddenly disappears into the ether when under pressure. Here are some strategies to help you stay calm rather than panic when reading page 1 of your exam paper.

14 students and 1 memorable Indonesian Study Tour

“The Indonesian Study Tour was a real eye-opener. Indonesia is home to 250 million people so the streets were always busy and full of life. This trip gave me a real understanding of their lives and culture.” Ruby Tighe-Martin, Year 9

Opening of the new Middle School Centre

On 17 October, Kilvington’s new Middle School Centre of Excellence was officially opened by The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP, Member for Goldstein, in the presence of our Year 9 students, staff, Board members, local government representatives, and members of the School community.

How to help your child manage peer pressure

Not all peer pressure is negative. Peers can encourage each other to complete caring or positive acts, such as good peer pressure can lead to a group of peers standing up to a bully, to protect another child.

How to help our children form positive friendships

Children’s friendships often have their ups and downs. When friendships are going well they support children’s emotional wellbeing and confidence, as well as providing someone to play with.

10 Ways to Occupy Tweens During the Holidays

The extended holiday period is a time when tweens can be the most difficult age group to keep occupied, regardless of whether you’re working during the holidays, or spending time together as a family. By comparison with young children who can usually entertain themselves playing and older teens who are independent enough to go it… Read more »