World Fair and Open Day 2017

The World Fair and Open Day was held on Saturday 25th March 2017. It was an amazing day with lots of hard work and effort from the School community to make the day as special as possible.

There were 20 countries represented showcasing their delicious cuisine and cultural highlights, as well as fantastic rides for the kids, entertainment, activities and School Tours. It was a great opportunity to meet the Principal, staff, parents, students and get to see the range of programs on offer at Kilvington.

“To me the World Fair is about celebrating our unity of values amidst our diversity of culture. I want children and families to have fun together, and experience the warmth, friendliness and respect that emanate from our community. I hope we will all proudly proclaim the very significant benefits of a Kilvington education in marvellously multicultural Melbourne.” Jon Charlton, Principal.