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Welcome to Kilvington Grammar – an Australian Cultural Experience


Kilvington Grammar School is a smaller independent coeducational school offering an outstanding education from ELC to VCE.  Situated on one campus in the Melbourne suburb of Ormond, our School is renowned for its academic excellence, character education program, pastoral care and tight-knit and connected community.

We have an excellent academic record and a long association with students from overseas who have consistently achieved outstanding academic results, both at school and tertiary level. Our experienced staff help support and guide all individuals to develop their full potential.

Kilvington appeals to many overseas families because of its smaller size and the strong sense of community. We offer only a small number of places for students from overseas which assists them to fully interact with Australian culture, form friendships, discover their strengths and talents and develop English in a supportive and safe environment.

Kilvington is a homestay school and we organise accommodation with local families, maintaining a close relationship. We provide English as Second Language (ESL) and a strong academic program is offered with a comprehensive careers program.

Close assistance is provided to help each student establish and implement effective strategies for their future. At the same time, a healthy balance between academic and co-curricular activities is encouraged.

Our newsletter for International students and their families, can be found here.

Prospective International Students Handbook:

Student Wellbeing

Each student is assigned to a House to feel part of a team and experience a sense of belonging. Student wellbeing is coordinated by one House Dean for consistency of care. Students from overseas are paired with an Australian student, and are also supervised by our International Students Coordinator.

Host Family Program

In accordance with the School’s Accommodation Policy, Kilvington Grammar School strictly adheres to VRQA Guidelines. As such, the School will not accept an enrolment from an international student who is under a minimum age of 14 years at enrolment and will require Homestay accommodation. Our accommodation policy can be found here.

Specialist Teachers

In addition to the dedicated and professional staff at Kilvington, students from overseas have access to English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers. This subject is integrated with others for English immersion programs.

Kilvington Programs

Students from overseas will experience a wide variety of activities including Outdoor Education, Sport, Music, School productions and House Arts.

Opportunity to Explore

There are many opportunities for overseas students to experience Melbourne and Victoria. The Australian cultural and English language experience at Kilvington Grammar will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Hosting an Exchange Student

If you are interested in hosting an exchange student, please contact the Director of Admissions, Ms Liz Chegwin, for more information on 03 9578 6231 or

Full board is payable.

Contact Details

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our Director of Admissions, Ms Liz Chegwin, on +613 9578 6231, or

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International Students – In Their Own Words

“My best memory is of the Swimming Carnival. I talked to my friends, and my House won! I was very happy, and I really enjoyed it! I really like Kilvington, because it’s very different to my school in Japan, which has no recess. Everyone is very kind, so I love Kilvington! Thank you!”

“Kilvington’s Principal is kind, and Kilvington’s students are kind too. I like Kilvington. My best memory was making friends on camp.”

“The best thing about Kilvington is my many nice friends. They are so kind and funny. I love them. When I see them, I want to talk with them again.”

“My best memory was camp. Bike riding at camp was very hard, but it was a great memory. I like Kilvington, and I want to come to Australia again. Thank you!”

“Kilvington has a beautiful environment, beautiful buildings and beautiful gardens. Kilvington also has a really great educational environment, a beautiful music school, and a really cool art class with great facilities. I have a good English high school life at Kilvington.”

“I like the great teachers. They are always helpful, friendly and respectful to us. They always pay attention to each student, and respect their individuality. Also, of course, I love the pretty uniform.”

“I like people at Kilvington. The teachers are all nice, friendly, and close to the students. In class, we discuss issues and listen to each others’ opinions – not just listen to what the teacher says. I also think that Kilvington respects individuals.”

“Kilvington gives students more freedom. There are a lot of fun activities, such as House Arts, camps and formals. When I was in China, I went to school just for study. But at Kilvington, they make me more aware of society. In class, we are always talking about important issues which make me think a lot.”

“When I first came to Kilvington, I knew I made the right decision to study in this beautiful school. Teachers in this school are really nice. English is my second language, and learning English would often be a challenge in the first year of study in a non-Chinese country. I have improved my English very much. Honestly, I am happy to study at Kilvington and I have learned much here. If you like, I would be happy to share the story of my overseas study with you.”