Our school motto non nobus sed omnibus (not for ourselves, but for others) is a strong message for all of our students, who are encouraged to engage in community service activities, both in and out of school. As part of our commitment to develop students of strong character, we have launched a new initiative to draw all of our current charitable and community service work together, as well as increase the number of causes we support.

HOPE (humans of purpose and empathy) will be headed by Community Service Coordinator, Jacqui Goldenberg, who will work with all years levels to deliver meaningful programs for local and global causes, including:

Eat up Australia

This charity prepares and delivers lunches to over 100 schools in Melbourne for students who don’t have lunches.

Kilvington has committed to three sessions per term, where we make 1000 sandwiches in an hour! Every student in Years 7 – 12 will participate in this program.


The Nappy Collective

A drop box for unused disposable nappies will be placed in Junior School reception for two weeks in May. These nappies are then passed on to the Nappy Collective who redistribute them to organisations that support families in crisis or in need.





On May 1 students can choose to cut or shave their hair for a cause. Any hair cut that is longer than 35cm will be donated to the Alopecia Foundation, who turn it into wigs for people suffering from alopecia. Money raised from students shaving their heads goes to the Leukaemia Foundation. We will also hold a crazy hair day throughout the School.

Students involved in year level character days will participate in community service activities, including Fareshare, an organisation that makes meals for those less fortunate in the community.

As part of the Year 9 Challenge Program, students volunteer their time every Friday for one semester with a community or environment group.

Coats for a Cause

We will be collecting coats in winter which we will distribute to organisations that support people in crisis or in need. A casual clothes day will be held and students will be asked to bring a can of pet food which will be donated to Pets of the Homeless.

We will be collecting and donating second hand text books donated to Give a Text book, which ships books to the Philippines and distributes them to students who do not have access to academic literature.

We will be participating in Daffodil Day 2018 as whole School.

We continue to support our community by offering meals cooked by our community, this is coordinated by the PFA.