Campus & Facilities

Ormond campus – a Welcoming Environment

Kilvington’s bright and modern campus, located in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Ormond, embodies our School’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We place great importance on creating learning spaces that allow students to feel comfortable in their environment.

Our buildings have been specifically designed to cater for the needs and activities of students of different ages, such as spacious classrooms, sports courts, playgrounds, gardens, and a well-equipped library.

One of our primary concerns is safety in the classroom and the playground. We have taken great care to ensure that the School offers areas in which students can play and explore.

Technology is also fully integrated into all of our classrooms, with electronic whiteboards and wireless internet. Students are encouraged to decorate the classrooms with their own work, giving each a sense of life and colour, and providing all students with a meaningful link to their own space.