We celebrate the individuality of each student and all that they can bring to our learning community. Teachers at Kilvington take into account who they are teaching as well as what they are teaching, as our teaching and learning goals are to plan actively and consistently to help students move positively along the learning continuum.

Differentiated instruction is embedded at Kilvington. If a student learns faster, or is ready for greater depth or breadth of knowledge, then our teachers vary the learning sequence and use methods such as compacted curriculum, tiered tasks, and acceleration in some cases to broaden the scope of the learning. If a student requires additional support then provision can be made.

One size does not fit all at Kilvington and our programs are flexible so that we can maximise the potential of our students.

Our depth projects, cross-curricular projects, enrichment program, master classes and ever-broadening elective programs give students across the school the opportunity to contribute, be affirmed, stretched and accomplish things they may not have thought possible.