Booklists and Learning Resources

There are four steps to ensure your child has the required learning resources for a successful 2019.

1. Pay for the Learningfield eText subscription.
2. Download iPad Apps.
3. Order remaining Y7 – Y12 booklist resources from Campion.
4. Technology Requirements (scroll to bottom of the page).

Step 1 – LearningField

Kilvington Grammar School uses LearningField, an eText subscription, for the majority of textbooks at Year 7 – 10. A fee for this service is detailed below.

Learningfield provide a grace period for the use of their subscription package to all students for our Early Commencement program as well as the beginning of the 2019 year.

The payment portal is open from Tuesday 16th October 2018 until 5pm Monday 18th February 2019 and payments are required to be made by this date.

Learningfield subscription fee for 2019 is $294 and can be made online as follows:

1. Visit

2. Click on Parent Payment at the top of the screen.

3. Click on Pay via Credit Card or online banking.

4. Enter your child’s email address and click Continue (this information will be provided in early to mid-December).

5. Follow the screen for your payment choice.

A receipt will be emailed to you when you provide your email address.

To ensure continuity of service to students, any account which remains unpaid will have the subscription fee plus 15% surcharge added to their school account for each student.

Step 2 – Download iPad Apps

Download the iPad apps

Step 3 – Additional Year 7 – 12 Booklists

Order all other resources required, including students completing VCE subjects, through the Campion booklist also detailed below. Details of the resources are found by logging into the Campion portal and can be printed if required.




More information can be found here

Year 8 – 12 (2019)

The 2019 booklist orders for Year 8 – 12 are available for ordering at anytime. Allow up to five working days for delivery, stock permitting.

Prepaid orders by credit card will be delivered to your home/business.

Year 7 (2019)

The 2019 booklist orders for Year 7 are due by Friday 7th December 2018.

Prepaid orders by credit card will be delivered to your home/business address the fortnight ending 18th January 2019.

Orders can still be placed after the due dates above with no financial penalty. These orders will completed and delivered outside of the above delivery times.

Step 4 – Technology Requirements

Purchasing Technology Requirements for Your Child:

The approved school supplier is DataCom. The online store is currently available and you can log in and make purchases.

Please read Kilvington’s ‘My School Shop’ Information Pack (see below) to enable you to access the Datacom Portal and order your child’s technology requirements. Log in details will be required which is outlined on page 5 of the Information Pack.

The first cycle of orders closes at 5:00 PM on Friday the 9th of November

The second cycle of orders closes at 5:00 PM on Friday the 11th of January

To log onto the DataCom online store, please use the following;

ACCESS KEY: kilvington
PIN: kilvington

My School Shop Information Pack        Download

Kilvington BYODD Program Download