Booklists and Technology

There are four steps to ensure your child has the required learning resources for a successful 2020.

Y3 – Y6 students only need to complete Technology Requirements – Step 4.

1. Pay for the ReadCloud subscription. 3. Download iPad Apps.
2. Order remaining Y7 – Y12 booklist resources from Campion. 4. Ensure your child has the relevant technology requirements (scroll to bottom of the page).


Step 1 – ReadCloud (Y7 – Y10) 

We are in the process of transitioning from Learningfield to ReadCloud. Click here to order your electronic text books required for all Y7 – Y10 students.

Step 2 – Additional Year 7 – 12 Booklists 

All other resources, including for VCE subjects, can be accessed by logging into the Campion portal and can be printed if required. This link for the Campion portal must be used to access the Kilvington resource lists for ordering.


More information about how to order can be found here.

Year 7 (2020)

Order by 6th December 2019 with no delivery or processing charge.

Delivered between 8th and 23rd January 2020.

Orders can still be placed after the 6th December with a flat fee of $10 for processing & delivery.

Year 8 – 12 (2020)

Order by 1st November 2019 with no delivery or processing fee.

Delivered by the week ending 15th November 2019.

Orders can still be placed after the 1st November 2019 with a flat fee of $10 for processing & delivery.

Technology Requirements

Step 3 – Download iPad Apps

Step 4 – Technology Requirements

Purchasing Technology Requirements for Your Child:

The approved school supplier is DataCom. The online store is currently available and you can log in and make purchases.

Please read Kilvington’s ‘My School Shop’ Information Pack to enable you to access the Datacom Portal and order your child’s technology requirements. Please use the log in details below.

The first cycle of orders closes at 5:00 PM on Friday the 8th of November

The second cycle of orders closes at 5:00 PM on Friday the 10th of January

To log onto the DataCom online store, please use the following;

ACCESS KEY: kilvington
PIN: kilvington