Outdoor Education/Camps

Kilvington prides itself on producing students with character – possessing strong values, resilience, independence and the motivation to be actively involved in life and the opportunities on offer. Camps are one of the ways in which we achieve this.

For one week each year Kilvington students go on camp at a destination within Australia. Camps start at Year 3 and go through to Year 12. The focus of each experience varies according to students’ ages and stages of development and provides the opportunity for them to do something new, different and inspiring. They may bushwalk, waterski, scale rock faces, build rafts, surf, ride bikes and take part in leadership courses.

Students are able to develop new skills in the supportive and encouraging environment provided by the Outdoor Education staff.


Benefits include increased independence, self-reliance and resilience. Sharing the experience with others encourages teamwork strategies and flexibility, skills essential in today’s changing world. Students develop an understanding of self, others and nature. Apart from personal skills, the camps are integrated into the curriculum in a number of ways, ranging from Geography to Science, Photography and English.

The camp program at Kilvington is constantly reviewed and enhanced to meet students’ needs at their particular stage of development.