Crosscurricular Programs

In Years 7 – 9 your child will have access to programs that combine the principles of crosscurricular projects with ‘hands-on’ learning. This enables students to explore real world problems and challenges using the ‘creative agency’ approach giving them the flexibility and time to delve deeply into an area they are studying.

Toy Time

Students form a company that then designs and builds a toy to teach a 10-year-old about forces. The company consists of a Market Research Executive, Design and Building Executive, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor.
The project runs across Science, Maths, IT and Art (STEAM) for a period of three weeks after which each groups’ finished toy is presented at a Toy Time Showcase. Our Years 3 and 4 students award the ‘Kids Choice’ Award and an industry expert awards the ‘Industry Award’.

Assembly of Notables

The aim of this program is to offer an interdisciplinary learning experience where Year 7 students transform themselves into a notable historical personality. Students research the life and achievements of this person, design and develop the persona complete with backdrop and costume. This culminates in a performance at the Night of Notables.

Our Sustainable World

The aim of this program is to help students understand the importance of sustainability as the capacity to endure through environmental management and conservation, ecosystem services, eco-buildings/cities, ethical consumerism, green technologies and renewable energy.

Year 8 students participate in a dynamic three-day program, where they develop different projects looking at the sustainability of our world in relation to natural disasters. Through Science they design, build and test models of sustainable buildings. Through ICT they develop public service announcements and raising awareness videos about natural disasters; and through Art they design artworks reflecting the effects of natural disasters.

Our Sustainable World gives students the opportunity to further develop their skills of inquiry, team work, experimentation, creativity, evaluation and synthesis, whilst focusing on a topic that is relevant to the world that they live in now and in the future.

Power of 9 – Challenge

This is an opportunity for your Year 9 student to follow their dreams and ideals. The unit runs for the second semester within Kilvington’s Power of 9 Program and takes the form of a negotiated contract in which students embark on a challenge with a focus in one of the following three areas:

– The Community
– The Global World
– The Environment

Students select a site to volunteer their skills. Not only will your child participate, contribute and engage with their community, but they will also create and implement a project that positively contributes to their selected site.