Early Learning Centre

Lyn Pewtress, ELC Coordinator

At the Kilvington ELC, our focus is on developing children to become independent thinkers. Our students learn how to solve problems, reflect creatively and communicate effectively and confidently within a nurturing, safe and inspiring learning environment.

Our students are taught by warm, caring and highly qualified early years’ teachers who carefully develop each individual child’s knowledge, skills and attitude by guiding their development through intentional teaching practice, along with active inquiry and discovery learning opportunities.

Children’s ideas are realised by providing an inquiry and play-based learning program that enables ongoing projects, stimulation of thinking and enrichment in learning.

Within the nurturing and inspiring environment of our ELC, a focus on the development of the whole child equips them for future learning in a Junior School setting.


“I love coming to kinder to play with my friends – we play fun stuff. When we play ‘Hide and Seek’ it makes me feel SO happy. I like it when the teachers teach me new things; things I haven’t learnt before.” William, aged 4

A Typical Day in the Early Learning Centre


1. Arrive 2. Morning Meeting 3. Free Play 4. Morning Snack
Arrive at the ELC from 8.45am, greeted warmly by our educators. As a group, we discuss the day ahead, and inquire about new projects we are learning about. We bring together all our ideas. This may also involve some research together, singing a song, or sharing a related story. We play freely inside the room, sometimes indoors and outdoors, choosing new and familiar activities often related to our inquiry. There is lots of learning involving different areas of development. We sit together in a circle eating our morning snack. In the middle of our circle, we place our different bins – for recycling, compost for our worms, and hard rubbish. We learn about sustainability all year in our program.
5. Specialist Class 6. Outdoor Play 7. Story and Lunch
We are lucky to belong to a school, and on many days we may participate in a specialist class – such as Music, Library, or Perceptual Motor Program (physical education). The ELC has a lovely outdoor space, which is very inviting . We are lucky to have two play areas – one for 3 year olds, and one for 4 year olds, with a range of outdoor equipment and experiences are available to us. After an outdoor play, there is nothing better than a story read by our teacher to refocus on the day. Later, we will gather to have our lunch, again using our special bins.
8.Time to Recharge 9.Indoor and Outdoor play 10.Final Group Time
After lunch, we have some quiet time, learning to recharge our bodies.
This may involve mindfulness, an audio story, quiet books or sketching. We have our own ‘space’ to rest.
We return to play, often to an indoor/outdoor program where we can choose experiences in both areas, supervised by the teachers. At the end of the day we join together, enjoy a song, story and farewell. The day finishes at 3.00pm.

“Early childhood is a time in a person’s life where individuality is celebrated, it is where meaningful and intentional experiences allow children to explore, discover, practice, learn and develop a variety of needed and desired skills. Early childhood is where children learn a lot about the everyday world and acquire attitudes toward themselves, others and learning.” Teacher, ELC.

Our ELC Program

All programs begin at 8:45am and finish at 3:00pm

3-year-old Program

Marine Group:     Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Daintree Group:   Thursday and Friday OR Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

4-year-old Program

Magenta Group:   Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday OR

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Magnolia Group:   Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Before and After School Care

Kilvington offers a before and after-school care program  for ELC and Junior School students. The program is run by external provider, Extend.

The program is provided from 7:30am to 8:45am for ELC students, and 7:30am to 8:25am for Junior School students, Monday to Friday.


Our Student Buddy program has been designed to extend the feeling of connection between year levels, giving younger students a special friend. Our ELC students pair up with students from Years 4 – 6.

The younger and older Student Buddies do a variety of fun activities together, including reading and writing stories, cooking, and active play. Helping out with social issues is one of the major responsibilities of a Student Buddy and Student Buddies look out for each other at recess and lunchtime.