Junior School

Sebastian Earle, Head of Junior School.

Kilvington’s Junior School is a place of rich and rewarding learning experiences where children are respected and valued.

Each student is viewed as naturally inquisitive, with enormous potential. We encourage enthusiasm, creativity, persistence and collaboration amongst our students and celebrate individual differences. Our inviting classrooms ensure students feel connected, valued, engaged and challenged at all times.

Our student’s needs, abilities and interests are placed at the centre of the curriculum, and differentiated programs are designed to ensure all children reach their academic, physical, social and emotional potential. We encourage our students to share their learning successes and discoveries with others and place importance on building strong home-school partnerships.

Curriculum and Co-Curriculum Program

In lower primary the students study a range of subjects including: Mathematics, English, History, Geography, Science, French, Religious Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Social and Emotional Learning and Digital Technology.

In upper primary Performing Arts is broken down into choir, music and drama. They also participate in a formal Sport program in Years 5 and 6.

We also offer Mathematics and English Enrichment classes for eligible students.

A range of academic subjects are available in our co-curricular program including Chess, Mindfulness, Coding and Design Time.


The THRIVE program runs throughout the week and encompasses everything we do. Soft skills are explicitly taught through the medium of several different Social and Emotional Learning programs: You Can Do It, Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships, and Health which is part of the Australian Curriculum.

These programs are taught through dedicated lesson times which are Session 4 on Mondays and Thursdays. Walking into a classroom during THRIVE learning time, an observer may see class teachers conducting circle time and discussions, role plays, targeted activities and group work. In addition to this dedicated teaching time, GEM (Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness) time runs in Junior School classrooms every day between 2.20 and 2.35 as a complimentary program to THRIVE.

In 2018, Kilvington partnered with The Resilience Project to assist students to build their character strengths and explore the concepts of gratitude and empathy. GEM time allows students time to reflect, practise mindfulness through the use of gratitude journals and guided mindfulness activities.

Leadership and Personal Development

From Prep through to Year 6, our students have opportunities to develop confidence, empathy and leadership and mentoring abilities.

All students across the Junior School have the opportunity to participate on the Student Representative Council (SRC).

At the end of Year 5, students participate in a workshop prior to deciding if they would like to apply for one of the following roles during their final year of Junior School:

  • Co and Vice-Co Captain
  • House Captain
  • Art, Music, Sport, Digital Technologies, Library, Languages and Community Justice Leadership roles.

In Year 6, students participate in a range of leadership and personal development sessions that are integrated into the curriculum. They also are given the opportunity to lead Assemblies, take prospective parents on school tours during our Open Days, as well as act as Playground Guardians to support students who may need some extra help in forming and navigating friendships.

Transition from ELC to Prep

Many children and families look forward to starting Prep with excitement, whilst others feel a little nervous. To assist and support families and children with this transition, Kilvington offers a number of orientation events in the Term before starting Prep. We work closely with families to help ensure the experience is a positive one.

Buddy Program

Our Student Buddy program has been designed to extend the feeling of connection between year levels, giving younger students in our Junior School a special friend. ELC and Prep students pair up with students from Years 4 – 6.

The younger and older Student Buddies do a variety of fun activities together, including reading and writing stories, cooking, and active play. Helping out with social issues is one of the major responsibilities of a Student Buddy and Student Buddies look out for each other at recess and lunchtime.