Two languages are taught at Kilvington: French and Japanese. French is taught in the Junior School from Foundation (Prep) to Year 6. In Year 7, students experience Japanese and French as core subjects. In Year 8, students continue learning either French or Japanese, giving them the opportunity to study one language intensively as a core subject. In Years 9 and 10, languages then become electives.

Bastille Day

Each year, the whole school celebrates Bastille Day with face painting, crepes and other activities!

Cultural Days

Every year our Years 7 and 8 students participate in Cultural Days. These engaging and educational days are designed to provide students of all ethnic backgrounds with the opportunity to learn about and partake in other communities and cultures.

Year 8 students studying either French or Japanese work collaboratively in groups to present a showpiece luncheon. Tasks include planning a menu, cooking the food and preparing a table arrangement featuring the language and culture of France or Japan.

Cultural Days allow students to fully utilise their chosen language in a real-life setting, whilst putting the knowledge learnt in the classroom into practice. This enjoyable, intercultural approach to languages helps equip the students for effective participation in a rapidly-changing world.

Student Reflection: Japanese Tea Ceremony

Mr Adam Wojcinski came to Kilvington to teach Year 7 students about the amazing art of the Japanese tea ceremony. He started by teaching the students to do a formal seating called seiza. After teaching us how to bow he continued on to show us what happens when you get invited to a tea ceremony and some interesting facts about samurai and some of the tea masters.

Year 7 Japanese Tea Party 2014Did you know that one of the tea masters did not like the samurai bringing their swords into his tea hut so he made the door so small that they could not get through with their sword attached so they had to put it on the sword rack next to the entrance!

After teaching us about these interesting things he showed us how to perform a tea ceremony. He started off by picking a volunteer to complete the tea ceremony with him and by cleansing his hands before creating the tea. When he was making the tea he used a lot of precision for where everything was placed. He then gave the tea to his volunteer and she respectfully looked at it and then drank it.

Adam sensei handed out a Japanese sweet to everyone and then gave them some lovely tea. While we were eating and drinking he played a video of a 24 hour tea ceremony involving him and his master.

Zander Von Steigler, Year 7

Study Tours

As part of our Global Connections program, language students have the opportunity to participate in Study Tours to Japan and France.

Kilvington Japanese Study Tour 2017