Year 10 & VCE Curriculum

In their final years at Kilvington, students are encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for their learning. Kilvington’s diverse Senior School programs include the process of inquiry and critical thinking, which allows for multiple perspectives and encourages students to question, reflect, search for answers, apply skills and strive for excellence.

Students are engaged in developing learning relationships, learning for achievement, and learning for life.

Current VCE subjects

Kilvington offers an extensive range of VCE subjects. These are detailed in the handbooks below.

Year 10 Curriculum Handbook Download
VCE Curriculum Handbook Download
VCE and IB (International Baccalaureate)

While we do not offer the IB program at Kilvington, students can still qualify for the VCE-Baccalaureate based on their VCE results.

The eligibility requirements to receive the VCE-Baccalaureate are as follows:-

  • a Units 3 and 4 sequence in English or Literature with a study score of 30 or above; or a Units 3 and 4 sequence in EAL with a study score of 33 or above, plus
  • a Units 3 and 4 sequence in either Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics, plus
  • a Units 3 and 4 sequence in a VCE Language, and
  • at least two other Units 3 and 4 sequences.

In 2018, 16 of our students qualified for a VCE-Baccalaureate –  22% of the Year 12 cohort.

Empowering Connections Through Character Development

Character and Connections workshops have been introduced for all students in Years 7-10 as part of Kilvington’s Character Initiative. These workshops helps students improve their relationships with staff and their peers and reflect on and strengthen their own character.

Each year level has a different focus theme and this theme will be developed and reinforced through a variety of different practical activities and workshops.

Giving students the opportunity to have time away from academic pressures to improve their overall wellbeing and mental health will in turn help students become more committed to their academic journey.  The workshops also give us time to resolve any concerns and manage students’ relationships.

In Year 10, students participate in four DECISIONS AND DILEMMAS workshops focused on providing students with the tools to help them perform under pressure.

Student Leadership Program

At Kilvington, we prepare students for the challenges of leadership. There are four major leadership positions at Kilvington: two School Co-Captains and two School Co-Vice Captains. It is the role of these Leaders to publicly represent our School, organise activities, and provide inspiring leadership to other students.

From each House there are also two Year 12 Co-Captains and two Year 11 Co-Vice Captains.

In addition, Years 11 and 12 students have opportunities to hold a range of Academic and Co-curricular Leadership Positions. These include: English, Science, Humanities, Languages, Art, Music and Digital Technologies Leaders, as well as Christian, Choral, Debating, Sport, Sustainability, Student Mentor and Robotics Leaders.

Students of different ages are able to jointly participate with their elders, giving them a valuable sense of shared responsibility.

Melbourne Press Club

Kilvington is a proud sponsor of the Melbourne Press Club. Once a month our Principal, Jon Charlton, takes a table of Senior School students to a lunch where they experience an address given by a prominent state, national or international dignitary, and is attended by the Melbourne press. 

As the only table of students in attendance, the press eagerly anticipate the question that has now come to be expected from Kilvington students, which is often incisive, affirming their confidence, courage, cohesion and intellect.

Transition to VCE

The two years of VCE are the most challenging of school life. With this in mind, we have implemented a comprehensive adjustment program to prepare students for this significant change. Kilvington’s two-week ‘Head Start’ program lays the groundwork for students’ future VCE success. During this time they refine their time management and study skills, both of which will be absolutely essential in the final two years of Senior School.

Several motivational speakers address students during this time focussing on the importance of maintaining focus and dedication in the years ahead. By the end of the Head Start program, students have gained a distinct advantage in terms of their future VCE performance.