Year 7

The Year 7 Curriculum is rigorous, flexible, meaningful and fun. Its strong interdisciplinary approach is a celebrated feature. Students in Year 7 experience and interact with the Curriculum, where they have many and varied opportunities for choice and self-direction.

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Transition from Year 6 to Year 7

Kilvington’s transition program makes the exciting transition from Junior to Senior School into a special occasion, and helps students adjust quickly and comfortably to their new environment. At the end of Year 6, students are given the opportunity to participate in Senior School life for a day. This period allows them to preview the next year’s experiences, and to get a feel for their new environment.

To ensure that our Year 7 students are as comfortable as possible, we have created a special half-day orientation session for them, which begins before the rest of School has begun. During this time, they can explore the Senior School campus and begin to feel at home.

Featured Programs

Assembly of Notables

An interdisciplinary learning experience where Year 7 students transform themselves into a notable historical personality. Students research the life and achievements of this person, design and develop the persona complete with backdrop and costume. This culminates in a performance at the Assembly of Notables.


Toy Time 

Year 7 students form a company that then designs and builds a toy to teach a 10-year-old about  motion and forces. The company consists of a Market Research Executive, Design and Building Executive, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor.

The project runs across Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths for a period of three weeks after which each groups’ finished toy is presented at a Toy Time Showcase. Our Years 3 and 4 students award the Kids Choice Award and an industry expert awards the Industry Award.

Empowering Connections Through Character Development

Character and Connections workshops have been introduced for all students in Years 7-10 as part of Kilvington’s Character Initiative. These workshops helps students improve their relationships with staff and their peers and reflect on and strengthen their own character.

Each year level has a different focus theme and this theme will be developed and reinforced through a variety of different practical activities and workshops.

Giving students the opportunity to have time away from academic pressures to improve their overall wellbeing and mental health will in turn help students become more committed to their academic journey.  The workshops also give us time to resolve any concerns and manage students’ relationships.

In Year 7, students participate in four RESPECT AND RESILIENCE workshops focused on team building with trust and empathy, and developing confidence, self-regulation and grit.

Student Wellbeing

Kilvington’s Senior School Pastoral Care System is organised into the four House groups: Barrett (red); Burman (yellow); Fethers (blue) and Fysh (green).

The system is divided into Tutor Groups for Years 7–9 and Years 10–12, with three areas of assistance within it: the Tutor, the House Dean and the Head of Senior School, supported by the Counsellor/Chaplain, Year 9 and VCE Coordinators, Learning Support teachers and International Student Coordinator.

Kilvington has a Vertical Pastoral Care System. Its strengths, compared to a year level or other pastoral care systems, are:

  • students are well known and valued for who they are;
  • deeper relationships and connections between students and staff flourish;
  • a greater sense of House identity develops, whereby older students look out for younger ones, underpinning the ‘family concept’ and developing a community culture;
  • younger students can see what lies ahead in later year levels and be mentored;
  • more friends in other year groups are made.