Visual Arts

Kilvington’s Visual Arts program is extremely highly-regarded.

Our many talented artists from ELC-Year 10 have the chance to display their work at the annual Kilvington Art Show in Dalton Hall. Works from all classes are on display, showcasing the depth of the students’ artistic talent.

All types of media are represented in the show, and all students are welcome to bring their family along to this very special occasion.

In addition, we also hold a special exhibition to celebrate the work of our VCE students. The work produced is extraordinary and extremely accomplished.


Art and Life at Kilvington


Melbourne artist, James Beattie, produced a large mural reflecting the Kilvington culture. Students were invited to take part in the design process – the brief being to capture and reflect ‘Kilvington life’, including students, learning, connection, environment and community. The mural was produced in one day and resides on the Senior School building. See how our mural evolved throughout the day……