Talent Development and Enrichment Program

The goal of the Kilvington learning community is to inspire, develop and challenge all students to reach their potential. Differentiation is a key component of meeting the diverse skills and abilities of all students. Whilst programs within the classroom are differentiated to cater for this diversity, additional targeted provisions for highly-able students is essential. These provisions may take place within the classroom, in small groups or individually, to facilitate and maximise student growth.

Kilvington acknowledges that with the guidance of teachers and by collaborating with families, highly-able students can develop their academic and personal potential.

The Talent Development and Enrichment program provides tremendous scope for our students to grow, to challenge themselves and to achieve in their area of talent or passion. As a school, we want to guide, nurture and support them to reach their full potential. Dee Broughton, Talent Development and Enrichment Coordinator

Multi-tiered Program

Kilvington takes a multi-tiered approach to the early identification and provision of appropriate learning programs for high-ability students. The process begins with high-quality instruction and universal screening of all children in the general education classroom. Students are identified and placed within the tier based on the level of differentiation required. This process is tracked by the Talent Development and Enrichment Coordinator, in consultation with the Academic Deans, parents/guardians, School Psychologist, and other professionals as required.


Differentiated classroom programs are offered at each level and within each subject domain. This means tailoring instruction to meet individual needs including the content, process, products or the learning environment.

SEEK (Student Enrichment and Extension at Kilvington)

SEEK enables highly-able students in one or more domains to receive enrichment or extension through opportunities such as small group enrichment classes, accelerated classes, Masterclasses and other extension programs.


Masterclasses are held throughout the year across each faculty, providing enrichment in topics and areas that go beyond the regular curriculum. They bring together students who are of like mind, interest and ability. On occasion, learning areas are combined to create a unique transdisciplinary experience for the students. The School’s own specialist teachers as well as external experts in their field run Masterclasses.

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes are held in both Junior School and Senior School in Mathematics and English. These classes provide high-level, stimulating learning, which both complements topics covered in mainstream classes, as well as provides students with the opportunity to extend themselves by participating in external academic competitions.

EDGE (Enhanced and Differentiated Gifted Education)

The EDGE Program is a tailored individual program for gifted students. This program caters not just for the academically gifted, but also supports students who perform at an elite level in Sport, or who demonstrate exceptionality in the Performing or Visual Arts. EDGE students will be provided with an Individual Program Planner (IPP), which will outline the opportunities and adjustments made to their academic program in support of their talent.

Accelerated Mathematics

Students in Year 7 who are assessed as being above standard and capable of working at an accelerated pace are placed in the Accelerated Mathematics class to study Year 8 Mathematics. As students progress through to higher year levels, they will be placed in the appropriate Accelerated Mathematics class. Individual students can also be accelerated at higher levels than the next year level, depending on their abilities and needs.

At Kilvington, teachers build a learning environment that ignites passion, develops talents and recognises the unique and wonderfully diverse skills and abilities of individual students. Our Talent Development and Enrichment Program encourages and supports students to be bold, curious, intentional and hard working in their pursuit for excellence. Davina McClure, Deputy Principal

Talent Development and Enrichment at Kilvington supports involvement in:

  • Specialist Masterclasses
  • Educator in Residence Programs
  • Future Problem Solvers Program
  • Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Competition
  • RMIT (Mathematics in Industry and Technology) Challenge – University of Melbourne
  • Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians
  • Performing Arts Recitals, Festivals and Workshops
  • EISM (Eastern Independent Schools Melbourne) Representative Sports
  • ISV (Independent Schools Victoria) Art Exhibition
  • GATEWAYS Individual and Team Programs
  • Academy Conferences for Gifted and Talented Students

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