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Our size means that our students can embrace many opportunities,  including leadership,  and participate in a diverse range of activities contributing to their confidence
and sense of community


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Helping children respond to change

Starting school can be an exciting time for children and their families and also a time of great anticipation. Last week as the 2016 Prep children participated in their first orientation morning at school, our parents were engaged in our first Transition Seminar, ‘Transition to School’, presented by School Psychologist, Sally Kenney.

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I just want my kids to be happy

What actually makes for a happy child? As part of Mental Health Week, Parents in Years 7-11 were invited to join the School Psychologist Ms Sally Kenney and School Counsellor and Chaplain Rev. Janet Costello in a lively discussion about life’s ups and downs and how to help our students find the happiness in between. We had a fantastic response to the seminar and Sally has kindly written up some information we thought you might find useful.

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